XS4ALL ip adres tester

Test your IPv6 connectivity

MS Windows stuff

Address Usage Description
fc00::/7 ULA Unique local address, compare with IPv4 private space
ff01::/16 Multicast interface-local Only valid on this node, e.g. loopback
ff02::/16 Multicast link-local Only valid on this node, e.g. loopback
ff04::/16 Multicast admin-local Within one managed network
ff05::/16 Multicast site-local Within one topografical location
ff08::/16 Multicast organization-local Within one organization
ff0e::/16 global
ne:tw:or:k::/128 Anycast router-subnet Talk to any routers in the local network
ne:tw:or:k:ffff:ffff:ffff:ff80/121 Anycast local Anycast adresses reserved for local usage
ne:tw:or:k:ffff:ffff:ffff:fffe Anycast mobile Reserved for mobile usage
ne:tw:or:k:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Reserved Do not use
::/0 Unspecified address Comparable to IPv4
::1/128 loopback Comparable to IPv4
fe80::/10 link-local One address is created per interface in the fe80::/64 network in modified EUI-64 format
::ffff:0:0/96 IPv4-mapped
::ffff:0:0:0/96 SIIT Stateless IP/ICMP Translation protocol, IPv4-mapped IPv6
64:ff96::/96 "Well-Known" 6to4 Used for automatic IPv4/IPv6 translation
2002::/16 6to4 Prefix used for 6to4 addressing. Also, address is used
2001::/32 Teredo tunneling
2001:2::/48 BMWG Benchmark Methodology Working Group. Like
2001:10::/28 ORCHID Overlay Routable Cryptographic Hash Identifiers (non-routed IPv6 adresses)
2001:db8::/32 Documentation Used in documentation, like,,
ff0X::1 All nodes address Available in scope 1 (interface-local) and 2 (link-local): ff01::1 → All nodes in the interface-local; ff02::1 → All nodes in the link-local
ff0X::2 All routers address Available in scope 1 (interface-local), 2 (link-local) and 5 (site-local): ff01::2 → All routers in the interface-local; ff02::2 → All routers in the link-local; ff05::2 → All routers in the site-local
ff02::5 OSPFIGP 2 (link-local)
ff02::6 OSPFIGP Designated Routers 2 (link-local)
ff02::9 RIP Routers 2 (link-local)
ff02::a EIGRP Routers 2 (link-local)
ff02::d All PIM Routers 2 (link-local)
ff0X::fb mDNSv6 Available in all scopes
ff0X::101 All Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers Available in all scopes
ff02::1:1 Link Name 2 (link-local)
ff02::1:2 All-dhcp-agents 2 (link-local)
ff02::1:3 Link-local Multicast Name Resolution 2 (link-local)
ff05::1:3 All-dhcp-servers 5 (site-local)
ff02::1:ff00:0/104 Solicited-node multicast address 2 (link-local)
ff02::2:ff00:0/104 Node Information Queries 2 (link-local)
2001:470::/32 Hurricane AS6939
2001:470:1f14:8d3::2/64 tunnel Jos Nouwen
2001:470:1f15:8d3::/64 routed /64 net Jos Nouwen
2001:470:7a70::/48 nouwen.name Jos Nouwen
2001:5c0::/32 gogo6 AS12989, AS6453, AS33018
2001:5c0:1400:b::160b/128 tunnel josn.broker.freenet6.net. Jos Nouwen
2001:5c0:1400:b::1617/128 tunnel husken.broker.freenet6.net. Bertus Husken
2001:5c0:1502:e600::/56 husken.nouwen.name Bertus Husken
2001:800::/22 RIPE NCC European Regional Registry
2001:980::/32 XS4ALL Networking AS3265
2001:980:4c78:1::/64 GeJanssen.com
2001:888::/32 XS4ALL Networking AS3265
2001:888:10:b3::/64 home.nouwen.name XS4ALL Tunnel
2001:888:10b3:0::/64 home.nouwen.name LAN
2001:888:10b3:2::/64 home.nouwen.name Virtual
2001:888:10b3:3::/64 home.nouwen.name VPN
2001:980::/32 XS4ALL Networking AS3265
2001:980:452B::/48 home.nouwen.name Via ADSL
2002::/16 6to4
2002:4daf:2923:0::/64 ?? gejanssen.com via 6to4