In december 2011 I bought a pan-and-tilt camera at sku 904426358 (from the UK warehouse). Same camera is apparently sku 900126358 from the US warehouse, or sku 26358 straight from China. I bought the UK version; the other two are almost certainly the same, but there is no guarantee.
From one of the comments, I understood that this camera is (a clone of) a Foscam FI8908W. The official price is $109.99. Mine was $68.80, including transport. I could have bought it straight from China for $64.80.

The camera was useless to me in the state it was delivered, since (with the current firmware), it will only talk to Internet Exploder, through Active-X. I need it to communicate with non-Micro$oft software. Luckily, I could download newer firmware, that is better standards-compliant. I needed a Windows box for the upgrade, and needed to install the IPcamSetup tool on that, including the Active-X plugin that you cannot avoid to have installed. But after the upgrade, you can throw away the Windows box.

This is the firmware that I downloaded, This is the newest one i could find that I was reasonably sure would not brick my camera. There is a newer one, that I could not directly download. I needed to email Foscam for that. This firmware is reasonably perfect. This is currently the very last firmware. The included document implies that you cannot install this firmware, starting with the very old initial one. I installed in two steps; I suggest you do the same.
IPCamSetup.exe. This is the "IP Camera Tool" version, together with IP Camera ActiveX Control version Both versions are required to be installed on a Windows PC, so you can update the camera's firmware. It is the newest one that I downloaded from Foscam's site.
motion.tbz2. This is my setup of 'motion for Linux', a perfect tool for playing with camera's. This one has patches for using using this cam's pan-and-tilt feature for tracking movement. Unpack in '/'. But, if you already have 'motion' installed, maybe you should unpack somewhere else, then move in place. That way you can check what you would overwrite. The init scripts in /etc in my setup are from my installed standard motion install.
. This is the CD. It contains documentation. It also contains a IPcamSetup.exe, but dont install it; you need to replace with the newer one anyway.

Upgrading firmware: I read somewhere that you should upgrade repetatively, not skipping intermediate firmwares. But I upgraded to this firmware in one big step, without problems.


Intesting links:
Foscam Firmware downloads., with links to download pages for documentation, tools, etc.
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IPcam CGI SDK 2.1 (pdf)
cgi spec (my additions)
Video/Audio Protocol (.doc)