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Connecting a webcam
    Enable sound:

      - apt-get install alsa-utils (for amixer)
      - make sure module 'snd_bcm2835' (snd-bcm2835.ko) is loaded
      - amixer cset numid=3  chooses the (default) audio device:
          0: auto, 1: analog, 2: HDMI

    Play video:
      omxplayer -o hdmi 
      By default, audio comes over the analog connector
	(apparently does not use default device).

By the way: the X server is not (yet) accellerated at all. So it does not use the GPU. Things like OpenGL and GLX are not possible through X. That's why e.g. omxplayer is a commandline tool. Use initrd: In config.txt, add: initramfs followkernel or initramfs is obviously the ramdisk image. 'followkernel' assumably the next memory page after the kernel is the offset in memory to load the image. Then, pass as on the commandline: initrd=0xSTART,0xSIZE This is needed because the loader does not pass these parameters to the kernel itself.